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External links Distributed Systems A Concise Theoretical Approach to Distributed Operating Systems: A Design Approach' Pk Sinha.pdf Programming Collective Intelligence in the Next Generation Internet PDF PDF Pk Sinha.pdf Category:Operating systems Category:Computer systems Category:Distributed computingExpression of the MHC-II genes in an erythroleukemia cell line are up-regulated after partial erythroid differentiation. An erythroleukemia cell line (MEL-C13) was induced to differentiate by culture in the presence of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Northern blot analyses showed that the steady-state levels of alpha 1, alpha 2, alpha 3, beta 1, and beta 2 mRNA were reduced more than 10-fold upon induction of differentiation as determined by densitometry. The relative levels of all 4 alpha genes were decreased to a similar extent (about 10-20-fold), but the steady-state levels of beta 1 and beta 2 remained unchanged. In contrast, the level of theta, the constitutively expressed form of the beta-like genes, was unchanged upon induction of differentiation. However, the total amount of beta-like mRNA increased approximately 5-fold. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR assays revealed similar changes for all 4 alpha genes. These results suggest that the decrease of alpha mRNA levels may be a result of an overall reduction in transcription, and not due to a general reduction in stability of the alpha transcripts. We also show that the expression of MHC-II genes (i.e., the beta-like genes) is down-regulated as the alpha genes are down-regulated upon induction of differentiation. The decrease in MHC-II expression could be due to a reduced demand for the high level of HLA-DR expressed by MEL-C13 cells.Alkali metal loaded polymers as ion-conductive matrices for lithium-salt batteries. Polymer electrolyte membranes with low volatility and reasonable mechanical strength are essential to overcome safety issues in lithium-salt battery systems. In this work, polyethylene oxide (PEO) and polystyrene sulfonate (PSS) were directly blended with different alkyl-substituted quaternary ammonium salts (QASs) as ion-conductive matrices, and different lithium salts were used as additives to regulate the conductivity of the obtained polymers. The thermal

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